We've added a new Post Judgment Service!
Property Liens
February 2010
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Dear Clients,

With a new year upon us, promises to continually offer you the finest Small Claims resource in California.  You'll read below that we just added a new Post Judgment Service, Property Liens.  This year we plan to make many upgrades and to continually add more services.  Very soon, you will be able to request skip-traces from our site.  I want to thank many of our clients for all of the wonderful suggestions that you've given us throughout the years.   We're also not adverse to accepting any criticisms as well.
You should know that we are the only California Small Claims website to offer both Pre and Post Judgment Services. 
David Laneaux
Upcoming Court Holidays!
And Furlough day
Please take note of the upcoming court holidays and Furlough day.

February 12th, 2010  Lincolns B-day
February 15th, 2010  Presidents Day

February 17th, 2010  CA Superior      Court    Furlough day                
All California Courts are closed every third Wednesday of each month.  Yes, you guessed it, a cost cutting device by the State.  will be closed on Monday, February 15th, 2010 only in honor of Presidents Day.  Plan to schedule crucial court filings around these three court holidays in February.
We now offer California Property Liens!
New addition to our Post Judgment Services

Mostly because of all of the great feedback we have received from our wonderful clients, we finally have added Property Liens to our Post Judgment Services.   What does this service do?  It allows our clients who have received Judgments to put a lien on the Judgment Debtors' property.
How does it work?
You click on Post Judgment ServicesProperty Liens.  Click "get started" and fill-out our user friendly form and submit.

As with all of our other Post Judgment services, the cost is very minimal compared to all of our competitors.   As is explained in the link below, Property Liens are performed in two stages.  The first is the preparation and filing of the Abstract of Judgment at the Small Claims court of record.  Next, the filed Abstract is recorded in the County Recorder(s) office(s) in the county where you believe the Judgment Debtor owns property.
When the Judgment Debtor sells or re-finances the property, you are contacted, and in most cases, are paid your judgment.
and then

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About Our Company
All-American Attorney Service, Inc. was founded 1993.  Most of our clients were (and are) attorneys utilizing our firm for various court filing and Service of Process purposes.  At the same time, we have been assisting individuals and companies in all aspects of the Small Claims court.  From filing new cases to levying on bank accounts, we did it all.  Two years ago was created to be a dedicated website for "everything" Small Claims". There is no other website in California that offers as many Small Claims services as ours.
714 W. Olympic Blvd. #639
Los Angeles, California 90015
877.722.6878    213.746.8010

"Filing small claims, specifically for the novice is a stressful experience. The service provided by your company was excellent and removed the stress from the equation. This, might I add, was not a one time experience, but a confirmed experience every time I contacted your company. I can count 3 separate instances where your services were needed and the same excellence in performance was proven each and every time.  As to your pricing, I believe that your services are under priced. This certainly adds more value to your services"

Dr. Jamal B. 
Chico, CA
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