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June 3, 2009
SCD Enhances Website buspeople
We have just completed the first stage of  enhancements to our website.  Mostly, the enhancements benefit you. 
Here's a snapshot:

Every time our staff adds a status note to your case, you will automatically receive an email informing you.   You than simply log into your account and you will see the real time status update.   All status updates/notes will stay on your account.  This is our way of staying proactive on your case.  Our goal is to keep you informed every step of the way.
In addition, important documents will now be saved onto your account.  You have access to them at any time.  What is saved? A copy of your filed claim, the filed copy of your Proof of Service and much more.  Lost your filed document?  There is now no worry.  Simply sign into your account and download.   

Welcome to

Some of you know of us and some of you don't.  If you have never heard of us, we want you to at least know what we do.  Almost every adult, at one time in their life, has had to file a Small Claims case.  You business owners probably have had to file a few, or many. 
In our research we found that many individuals and businesses will avert filing a Small Claims case because of the hassles involved.  Drive to the court, find a parking space, wait in line at the Clerks office, fill-out the paperwork. Find a Process Server.  You get the idea.  Business owners tend to wait until an invoice is over 120 days before they think about starting the Small Claims process. handles your case from start to finish.  Your only job: Show up to court and win. 

Our most popular New Filing Package is the Platinum Package, which includes:
    Preparing your case
    Filing your case at any court in California
    Serving your Defendant (s) with bonded, licensed and experienced Process Servers.
    Preparing the Proof of Service
    Filing the Proof of Service
    Keeping you statused along the way! users.  Don't forget that we offer post judgment services.  We prepare and serve:

  Judgment Debtor Examinations          
      Wage Garnishments
             Bank Levies

courthouseLos Angeles Superior Courts announce Furlough

The Los Angeles County Superior court announced last week that starting July 15, 2009, a furlough program will take effect.  Employees will be furloughed one Wednesday per month. 
All American Attorney Service/ will make this transition as seamless as possible for you.  However, on the day of the closures, Clerk's offices and nearly all courtrooms will be shut down.  We are told that Drop boxes will be in place for those parties needing to file court papers.
For the full press release, please click this link: 
Should you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to call or write.
David Laneaux-President
All American Attorney Service, Inc. dba