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Small Claims Court is now literally at your finger tips. Here’s how it works:
After establishing your account, you will fill-out our custom Small Claims on-line questionnaire, remit Credit Card payment and be issued a reference number. Then sit back and let us do the rest.
Our Small Claims Associates will review your submission. If we require additional information, an e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hours.
Once we have all the information needed, your Small Claims Summons will be forwarded to the court along with the correct filing fees.
Once your claim has been filed and a hearing date has been set, the clerk of the court will mail the defendant two copies, one by regular first class mail and the other by certified mail. If the Post Office does not return the notice that was sent by regular mail to the clerk’s office within 21 days (30 days for consumer transaction cases) the Court considers the defendant to have been served- even if the notice by certified mail was not delivered. If neither notice was delivered by the Post Office, we will search for a viable address for the defendant and if one is located we will have a Bonded and Licensed Process Server attempt service of process at the new address (all this is done at no additional cost for the first possible address located). The Court requires that the Small Claims Summons must be personally served on the defendant.

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